Ride & Rest: Le Café du Cycliste


Cycling along the most glamorous landscape in France, one must look the part. And that doesn’t mean dressing like a MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra), and squeezing into unsightly fluorescent things.

Café du Cycliste is a great new hang out and Nice-based brand carrying a train of thought that “if you’re spending hours in the saddle, you should look great while you’re doing it.”



The brand was born out of their previous coffee shop nestled in the hills, after numerous pre and post ride drinks. It’s made up of high-tech garments that are quality and breathable, with an understated style that doesn’t make you look like a tellytubby in spandex.

And now, they’ve just opened a super new café on the east side of the port in a drool-worthy New York loft-style gallery space with minimalist furnishings and exposed brick. And we all love a bit of exposed brick, don’t we.

A mixture of café and club house, you can drop by for a coffee, use the locker rooms and showers, and have your bike checked over by mechanics. You can also hire high end road bikes, buy Café du Cycliste clothes or just stand outside polishing your spokes pretending you’re on the Tour de France.

16 Quai des Docks, 06300, Nice
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