On Your Bike! Pedalling paradise in San Remo

bikingHow many times have you had a vélo bleu moment where you’ve slowed down on the promenade to soak up the glorious view and then—BAM—swerved to avoid a toddler? Now imagine that view without Sunday strollers jaywalking across the cycle track and a peaceful 24km stretch of belle époque architecture, smart fishing boats and the herby scent of pine and lavender. That’s the dreamy cycle path between San Remo and San Lorenzo Al Mare.

And… there’s no need to spend 5 minutes prodding the tyres and checking the bells at the bike station. On the coastal path in San Remo you’ll find NoloBici, a private bike rental shop – with ten outlets – where a friendly Italian chap selects a bike for you and sets you off on your way with a playful push. And, though you may not overtake Lance Armstrong, they’re pretty fast, well-oiled machines.


To rent them, you’ll simply need a piece of ID, 12€ for a half day or 16€ for a full day (discount applied for unused time). Oh, and a rumbling stomach so that you can make the most of the eateries along the piste and the smell of calamari that torments you as you cycle.

Bored with regular bikes? You can also rent electric bikes, tandem bikes, adult tricycles, rickshaws, roller skates, skateboards, child seats & trailers.

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