Get a Pizza the action: Is this really the best in Nice?


Having reached cult status, I thought it was time to sample Nice’s much hyped “best pizza” at Les Amoureux – 7th best pizza in France according to Trip Advisor !

Any pizzeria with a waiting list and two sittings must be doing something right. Is the dough given a four-hands massage? Are the tomatoes flown in by private jet and blessed by the pope? Not quite – but Naples is the spiritual home of the pizza and this is the authentic Neapolitan deal with San Marzano tomatoes grown on the base of Mount Vesuvius, the best buffalo mozzarella, the freshest torn basil and dough that is sooo, well – doughy. All ingredients are sourced from small suppliers in Naples and even their pizza oven is certified by the D.O.C. pizza gospel.


For the purest experience, order the Margherita or “Les Amoureux” where the tomatoes and dough can shine. I ordered a Regina and I can tell you it was belt-loosening euphoria. What’s more, God blessed me with a vagina which means that my pizza was delivered in a heart shape – a cute gimmick for girls only. You’d think a place this successful would give in to expansion. But married owners Ivan and Monica ensure it remains a humble, friendly experience for those after the real deal. While Monica is dough tossing in the kitchen, Ivan is chatting with guests, hand gestures aplenty. But is it the best pizza in Nice? You be the judge. That is if you can get a seat, of course.
Les Amoureux, 43 Boulevard Stalingrad


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