Are you Nice’s most intelligent expat?

Can you name 8 US states that begin with the letter ‘M’? Or what Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of?
Tiger Wood’s current girlfriend? Captain Jack Sparrow’s catch phrase? Then you should take your passion for useless knowledge out for a night on the town. Thankfully, you have landed in the right town since Nice has a trivia night happening three weeknights out of five. It’s a great way to meet new people and bond over nerdy niche interests. It’s also great when you win and you have the temporary feeling of being not only drunk but drunk with power! But beware – it can test friendships. And God help you if you even dare to cheat.


Ma Nolan’s

Free to enter
1st place prize money: 100€ bar voucher, 2nd 50€, 3rd 30€
Team number: 4 maximum

our-famous-quiz-nightThere’s nothing more soul destroying than getting yourself mentally psyched for a quiz, reciting the encyclopedia on the way there, and then not finding a table. So get there early, as these pubs are rammed – and very noisy – on quiz nights. The questions are repeated by bar staff in French and English to sometimes 30+ teams. You can dine on decent pub food like burgers, fish & chips and beef & Guinness pie, but make sure you’re with a good crowd as there’s only so much doodling you can do in between questions and waiting a lifetime for the quiz sheets to be marked.

Mondays Ma’s Vieux Nice 20:00
Thursdays Ma’s Port 20:00



Dave’s Trivia Night @ Blue Whales

Free to enter
1st place prize money: 30€ bar voucher, 2nd place 15€, 3rd bottle of wine
Team number: 6 maximum

10174973_781271011885974_2052576453394012347_nFormerly held at The Snug, this English quiz run by charismatic MC, Dave Phillips, is now at a late-night dive bar where the floors are a bit stickier, the beer a bit cheaper but still with the same intimate vibe and some usual suspects that are regular champions on the quiz circuit. On any given Wednesday you’ll find something in the range of 5 to 15 teams made up of chipper multinationals game for a laugh. Dave keeps the game tight and amusing with “spot rounds” in between questions such as “guess the song from the lyrics”, “guess the movie from the actors”, a game of “Two Up” (an Australian version of heads & tails) and a round of “famous faces” at half time. If you’re in it for the prize money, you can win bigger at the end during right right wrong – you greedy bastard. Check Dave’s Facebook page for regular updates.

Wednesdays 20:00
1 Rue Mascoïnat, 06000

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